About Us

The BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill Story

I'm not really sure when the first roadhouse started, and it's possible the first person to start one probably didn't even know it either. But I guess around the end of world war II when things has settled down a wee bit, people in North America where getting itchy feet and starting to head out on the open roads in their 57 Chevy's, flathead Fords, Dodges, Chryslers and rag top Caddies, and of course, my favorite mode of travel, Milwaukee's iron horse, the Harley-Davidson. So it's here I can picture some enterprising couple, standing on the side of Route 66 or similar, and saying to themselves, “I bet all these travelers could use a home cooked meal and a cold beer. And besides the neighbors around here need a joint to hang out in when they don't feel like firing up the oven at home and want to get out to socialize some. 

What's a RoadHouse?

You just can't stuff a roadhouse restaurant into a shopping mall, first of all, no road! Second, all that chrome and glass is way too scary. Roadhouses have never been very good as down town clowns. They need a place where you can sit outside and see the stars (or at least a star) and not have to breathe in the exhaust fumes of a double-decker bus or be trampled on by hordes of passing humanity. 

A Roadhouse needs to be something special, and BLooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill is just that. It has a large indoor dinning, drinking and entertainment area, along with an outside Al Fresco dinning, relaxing area, truly the perfect place to have a burger in one hand and a beer in the other. Or if a burger and beer is not your thing, you can take a look at our Lee's Taiwanese menu where we provide a selection of authentic Taiwanese meals that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.